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Sometimes it seems like there aren't many milestones left that are worthy of a real celebration at Homeworld Command; however, the commissioning of the first 305-class warship is definitely one of them. The Jonathan O'Neill - every head of Homeworld Command gets a ship named after them, and no one has decided whether or not that's actually a joke - is an engineering marvel, and it incorporates more Lantean tech than anything in thousands of years, including an experimental wormhole drive. There's even a space designed in for what might eventually be a drone bay.

Not that the space is going to waste in the meantime - the O'Neill's weapons and defense systems are modularized in an incredibly forward-thinking way, so that it's almost trivially easy to swap in additional shields and cloaks for railgun batteries or Asgard beam weapons and vice versa, to fit a broader range of mission profiles and keep Earth's remaining enemies from really being able to anticipate what they're in for when a 305 arrives on the battlefield. Homeworld Command had gotten the idea from what China had attempted to do with their 304, the Sun Tzu - though, they'd borrowed engineers from a few other countries as well to make it happen.

Which is why there are delegations from not only China (and every other UNSC permanent member), but Canada, Japan, the Czech Republic, and a host of others attending the ceremony, and why it's experienced almost a month of security-related delays. At last, though, everything's been sorted out, and guests are being brought in to a site that, on the surface, looks like something out of The Hills Have Eyes - all the better for hiding the state of the art spaceship hangar under the surface. Tables have even been set up in the bay where the O'Neill is docked, though there's a line of security between them and the ship itself.

((OOC: It's a mingle post, do whatever you want. There's booze and hors d'oeuvres, and at some point there's probably going to be a tour of the ship, so anyone who plays a villain can try to sabotage or hijack it if they want.))
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[Carolyn's in the medbay straightening up after clearing SG-5 from their lastest exploration through the Gate.

She's humming softly to herself, happy for a lull in the normal bustle of the day. Hearing the door opening, she sighs.]

Have a seat and I'll be with you in a moment.
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[Vala is lounging in front of Daniel's computer, fascinated with what is on the screen.]

Now, this is what I love about this planet.


[And then she starts to eye the artifacts on his shelves...]


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